Tooth Replacement Parramatta – Change Your Life With Your Smile

If you’re looking for tooth replacement in Parramatta, you don’t need to look any further than Dental Care Parramatta.

Thanks to technological advances in the dental industry tooth replacement options are becoming more and more popular.

Before their availability, the only other options were bridges and dentures.

Dental implants are a more comfortable and attractive solution for those looking for a permanent replacement option that feels and looks like a real tooth.

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Since these implants look more natural they can do miracles for a person’s self-esteem.

If you are looking for tooth replacement Parramatta we can help.

Here at Dental Care Parramatta, we believe that your life can be changed with a smile.  Our cosmetic dentistry team is dedicated to providing you with the personalised care you deserve, for your tooth replacement in Parramatta.


Tooth Replacement Parramatta NSW


Advantages of Dental Implants

There are many advantages to having dental implants in Parramatta.  Unlike bridges, implants are permanent and do not have to be anchored to other teeth.

With bridges, the teeth used as anchors can be damaged causing additional problems.

Additionally, since there isn’t any bone or root in the area the gum can recede causing surrounding teeth to fail, or cause sunken areas in the jaw or cheek.

If tooth replacement Parramatta isn’t performed, other teeth can drift out of position. Dental implants are more durable and often last a lifetime.  Whereas bridges need to be replaced every 10-15 years.


Comprehensive Examination

One of our highly trained dentists will complete a comprehensive examination during your visit and will evaluate if dental implants are right for you.

Your medical records and dental history will be taken into consideration.  We will also take X-rays to determine if you have enough bone available to secure the implants.

If there isn’t enough jawbone we can discuss options for building up the site.

Please note:

People that smoke and have diabetes may not be good candidates for the procedure since the implant penetrates the jaw bone and gum.


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Tooth Replacement Procedure

There are three main steps in having an implant installed.

  1. The first step is placing the implant, which is a metal rod, into the bone via a surgical procedure. This implant will replace the root of the tooth and will require healing time to attach itself to the bone.
  2. Next, the abutment is used to connect the prosthetic tooth to the rod. Just as with the implant there will be some healing time with the abutment also.
  3. Once the gum has healed the implant site is ready to have the prosthetic tooth attached.


Tooth Replacement Parramatta


Taking Care of Your Dental Implant

Having excellent oral health is essential for the implant’s success. Keeping care of your implant is similar to taking care of your other teeth.

Brushing and flossing daily is of utmost importance, especially after meals. Teeth cleaning tips. Make sure to see your dentist at least twice a year for your routine cleaning and exam.


Have a smile you can be proud of. Contact us for a consultation


If you are looking for tooth replacement in Parramatta we would love to have the chance to work with you. Contact the Dental Care Parramatta office to schedule your initial consultation.