Parramatta Dental Centre – The Wand Pain Free Dentistry

One of the top priorities at our Parramatta dental centre is minimising patient pain as much a possible.

Thanks to a new technology called The Wand, a Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STA) system, the large needles and painful injections once associated with a trip to the dentist’s office are a thing of the past.

The Wand provides relatively pain free injections with precision every time.


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You may even find yourself, upon visiting our Parramatta dental centre, asking when the injection will start, only to find that it’s already over.

The Wand is the most popular of a few pain-free dentistry techniques that we practice. You can ask our friendly reception for alternatives.

Here are the answers to some common questions that patients at our Parramatta dental centre had about the Wand.


Parramatta dental centre - pain free dentistry


How does ‘The Wand’ painless injection work?

The Wand is a modern system for delivering local anaesthetic without the need for heavy syringes.

The Wand is a computer controlled system and looks like a pen attached to a small computer rather than a large syringe. The computer controls the output of the aesthetic, insuring it is injected in a slow, steady stream.

The slow and steady rate of injection eliminates the pain that occurs with more traditional local aesthetic techniques.

This, combined with the numbing gel applied to the gums beforehand makes the injection a comfortable experience.

By using the Wand, we are able to provide patients at our Parramatta dental centre with a reliable, precise, and largely pain free injection of local aesthetic.


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Will I feel anything?

At Dental Care Parramatta dental centre, we do all we can to make sure that what you feel is primarily a slight pressure, rather than the sharp pain that often accompanies traditional injections.

This pain is not caused by the injection itself, but by an overly rapid rate of injecting the aesthetic.

With the Wand, the rate of injection is slowed to a comfortable and, importantly, steady pace.

There is no chance for the injection to be administered too quickly or at an uneven pace—two common causes of pain in local aesthetic injections performed via syringe.

In addition, the Wand warms the aesthetic to close to body temperature. This eliminates the shock of cold fluid being injected, and makes the experience even more comfortable.


Parramatta dental centre painless injections with the wand


Are there any side effects?

There are not!

In fact, the Wand carries with it fewer side effects than traditional local anaesthetic, especially following your dental procedure.

A traditional syringe numbs not only the tooth being worked on, but also parts of the tongue, cheek, and mouth.

With the Wand, because it is a Single Tooth Anaesthesia system, only the tooth being worked on is numbed. There is no need to numb the whole nerve and, by extension, a large part of the mouth.

That means you can leave the dentist and go straight back to normal life without any numbness.

You could even give a speech or a presentation without worrying about numbness or slurring your words.


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